Jan Young

Founding Community Lead
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Customer first startups/Diversity and inclusion
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Jan Young - 10 years experience as a Customer Success leader: I love working with customers to understand their needs and priorities then work internally with teams to develop products and services to help our customers be successful.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been putting these ideas into practice by consulting with founders and startups. Each project has been unique, but the through line has always been to start with the customer experience and the problem they need solved. Entrepreneurs have so much to offer: going back to these basics is the best guide for everything from strategy to execution.

Originally from NoCal, I spent enough time in NYC to call it home/ keep my 917 cell number, and confuse my SoCal friends and colleagues! I'm a travel junkie at heart, but living in sunny LA for the forseeable future....

Outside of my consultancy, I serve on the Gain Grow Retain board as Co-Lead of the Diversity & Inclusion Council, and I'm excited to be contributing to CS Insider with two series: "Customer First Startups" and "Leading with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to Achieve Customer Success".