Ashna Patel

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Ashna's Corner & Helping the CS Insider team grow!!
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Ashna Patel is a Co-Founder of CS Insider, Founder of Customer Success Raving Fan Bookclub as well a super enthusiast Customer Success Professional who occasionally holds panel discussions on trending and/or undervalued CS-related topics. She is a Manager of Customer Success at Ascent Cloud & currently working remotely from sunny southern California 🌴 She also mentors & coaches those who are trying to break into CS and/or just want to know more about CS.

She also shares her weekly dose of SELF-SUCCESS through "Ashna's Corner" in the CS Insider report & encourages readers to take care of themselves along with getting replenished with all the CS knowledge. Along with this, she partners up with Brandon to help the CS Insider team grow & flourish.

p.s.- she is also working on some other projects (releasing soon) & her own website/blogs