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Customer implementation is a tough job but critical for ensuring your customers start off on the right foot. In fact, bad implementation is the #1 cause of churn, for SMB-to-Enterprise solutions!

Every customer is unique, requiring their own software variations and specific needs. Managing where our customers are in their implementation journey requires a multitude of touchpoints with clear visibility for all. Not only that but improving and repeating this process for scale is a serious effort without the right software.

Founder & COO William Stevenson walks through how his startup, Onboard provides your team the ability to create a dynamic launch plan for your customers (aka maps), saving time and energy with custom onboarding experiences. These maps provide flexibility, visibility for both internal and external stakeholders, and a repeatable process ensuring ROI for our customers.

👋 Say goodbye to inflexible templates and hello to dynamic maps. Watch the demo above to see how Onboard can significantly shorten your customers’ time-to-value and stop churn before it starts.

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