CS Insider Report #11

CS Insider Report #11

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A note from the editor


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We’ve reached lucky number 11! For this report, we are AMPED-UP to announce the winners of our big CS Insider Spring Giveaway (see below) — There are going to be some happy CSMs today!

Speaking of happiness, with so many great events happening in June (is there some sort of CS event conspiracy going on?), make sure to get your fill of CS best practices and thought leadership. We listed all the big ones coming up below.

So, chill out and take 15 minutes to read through everything important that’s recently happened, what’s coming down the pipeline, and everything we should celebrate, together. Don’t it feel good to be in CS? ❤️❤️❤️


CS Insider Updates & New Publications

  • Upcoming Event: Join CS Insider and Customer Succes Network for a fun evening of speed networking on June 24th at 12 PM EDT / 5 PM BST / 9 AM PST
  • Advice Column: Have a work question that needs answering? Submit all your biggest questions anonymously here and we will answer them in our next Dear Insider edition.
  • Join the Team: CS Insider is actively looking for new content creators and talented CSMs who want to give back to the CS community and grow their personal brands. If this is you, submit your interest here.
  • Giveaway Winners: The CS Insider Spring Giveaway is complete. We had over 250 participants enter and 2,247 actions completed across the community! Here are the winners 🍾
  • Full Membership to the Practical CSM Academy
    • Julie Mauch
    Basic Membership to the Practical CSM Academy
    • Chris Bulkley
    • Jack Lee
    • Brian Nicholls
    60 Minute Consultation Call with Markus Rentsch
    • Vivek
    • Lupe Ochoa
    60 Minute Career Coaching Call with Kristi Faltorusso
    • Mohammed Asif
    • Tony Wittinger
    • Anne Donovan
    CS Book Bundle
    • Chris Jones
    • Sweta Parikh
    • Jeff Lowe
    Free Event Ticket to the next CSN Mastercla
    • Carolina Gomes
    • Felicia Stanton-Europe
    • Ângela Guedes Dias

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⌚ Here's are our top favorites, shuffled for the week 🔀





How to Advocate for your Team - Laura Lahkwara, Women in Customer Success Podcast
Dana Alvarenga: Customer Programs, Bhavika&Lotte CS Chat Show

🖥️ Videos


  • Akiflow 2.0: All your tasks and calendars into one blazingly fast app.
  • loomSDK beta: The record button for the internet.
  • Beau: Build, visualize, automate workflows, and design a path to guide clients through your processes, step-by-step.

🎫Upcoming Events


📈Trending on LinkedIn

Jeremy Donaldson talks about underrated customer success skills and letting our customers know their feedback can be heard with no repercussions.
Anita Toth reminds us that customers are good for business.
Emily Garza shares a great infographic on why customers need CS.
Andrew Maher talks about reporting customer insights.
Gemma Cipriani-Espineira shares her thoughts on Retention and also measuring Time to Value.
Kristi Faltorusso shares her 30 day leadership journey at ClientSuccess.
Maranda Dziekonski creates an infographic to break down "Are You Ready to Manage a Customer Success Team."
John Tzagkarakis highlights the importance of CS and Marketing communicating and working together.
Puneet Kataria talks about why customers churn.
Erika Villarreal talks about product outcomes vs. customer outcomes.
Maria Gay reminds us to not ignore our silent customers as they too may be unhappy.
Kenny Madden talks about the practice of RAS CSMing.
Ashley Brazil gives a CSM Pro tip for us all.
Anthony Perry reminds us to trust our systems, and give our full attention to the tasks at hand to fight another day.
Aditya Maheshwari compares activity to progress in a CSM role.


🔦Community Spotlight


📋Job Board

North America


🎉 Community Wins

New Jobs & Promotions

🎉 Jan Young started a new position as Senior Consultant, Customer Success at The Success League.

🎉 Rachel Provan joined Doodle as the new Director of Customer Success.

🎉 Mara Lucianne Freitas started a new position as Head of Customer Success at ANYMARKET.

🎉 Lisette Rohunurm started a new position as Senior Customer Success Manager at Scoro.

🎉 Melissa Llorente joined Gem as the new Director, Customer Success.

🎉 Supriya Pokharel started a new position as Customer Success Manager at Mimecast.


🎉Nicola Noble completed Level 4 CCSMP by Practical CSM.

🎉 Alexandra Gifuni completed Level 1 CCSMP by Practical CSM.

🎉 Christian Jakenfelds completed CCSM Level 4 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Qiujie Lu completed CCSM Level 4 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Kony Salmeron completed CCSM Level 3 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Klaas Schippers completed CCSM Level 3 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Tanja Petrovic completed CCSM Level 2 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Carly Franzoi completed CCSM Level 2 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Courtney Patrick completed CCSM Level 1 by SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Andrew Coffill completed certification in CSM with Gainsight Pulse +.

🎉 Hannah Arents completed certification in CSM with Gainsight Pulse +.

🎉 Marïka Lekoute completed certification in CSM with Gainsight Pulse +.

🎉 Denise Nicole Cooksey completed certification in CSM with Gainsight Pulse +.


😀Meet the Insiders: Ashna Patel

Each week we will be spotlighting a member of the CS Insider team. Here are a few of Ashna Patel's favorite things.

❤️ Favorite Book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

❤️ Favorite Movie: Avatar.

❤️ Favorite food: Mom's home cooked meal (Anything & Everything).

❤️ Fun Fact: Every time I start a new Book, I read the last chapter first.