CS Insider Report #10 - May 25th
CS Insider Report #10 - May 25th

CS Insider Report #10 - May 25th

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Welcome to our TENTH report! We're close to hitting 1k subscribers and we're loving every minute of this amazing journey. For this report, we’ve scoured the ends of the web for some amazing content, just for you — so sit back, pour a nice cup of coffee ☕, and enjoy.


CS Insider Updates & New Publications


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⌚ Here's are our top favorites, shuffled for the week 🔀


🖥️ Videos


Rick Adams just announced The Practical CSM Success Hub's founding Principal Thought Leaders!



Episode 13: Sue Moore: Entrepreneur, Community Builder, and Customer Success Pioneer, The Eclectic Podcast with Jared Orr
Episode 34: The “S” stands for “Success”, In Before The Lock
Episode 33: People Don’t Need Features; They Need Outcomes, NPS, I love you


  • Toucan is a new social experience for virtual events. They also just released Toucan Spaces where you can get your own dedicated space for recurring events or meetups.
  • Zonka is a fast way to collect feedback from customers with CSAT, CES & NPS Surveys and actionable insights.
  • Clubhouse is now available for android users.

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📈Trending on LinkedIn

Hitesh Chadha talks about adaptability and resilience in Customer Success.
Maranda Dziekonski shares her customer success interview blueprint.
Kristi Faltorusso shares 6 steps to an effective transition, reminds us we are human, and her first 4 weeks at ClientSuccess.
Christian Jakenfelds discusses how to be a trusted advisor, and shares some stats on CS roles and gives a shoutout to the lone CSM in all of Alaska.
John Tzagkarakis shares some best practices for a Customer Health Review.
Erika Villarreal talks about failures and how we should all be sharing our failures and shared the 5 pillars of Customer Success.
Rob Polon shares why Customer Success is so important.
Chase Tinkham talks about the importance of customer feedback.
Edgar Ramirez Vilchez reminds us to thank our CS Ops teams!
Dana Alvarenga shares 3 tips for capturing the customer's voice.
Ronni Gaun discusses the customer experience when they are used to a different product and functionality, and what you can do when they come on to work with you.
Remco de Vries shares his 5 components of Digital Customer Success.
Sabina Pons reminds us that each CSM hero understands that each customer is unique.
Ashna Patel talks about hard skills and soft skills, and shares ways to enhance your personal development skills in CS.
Emily Garza lays out some questions for a new contact at your account you should prepare for.


🔦Community Spotlight


This week I talk with Rohan Sheth, Director of Client Services at SmartKarrot to walk through SmartKarrot helps CS teams deliver winning customer success outcomes at scale with smart intelligence and actionable customer success software.

🔍 The problem:

Effectively managing and helping a varied set of customers, (including high, medium, and low touch) requires collecting the right data, organizing it in a way that drives action, and implementing scalable operational processes. But oftentimes critical account data lives in multiple places, making it difficult to systematize, understand gaps, and know what will drive the most value for the organization and customer.

💡 The solution:

SmartKarrot is an intelligent customer success platform designed to make customer success practitioners better. The unique ability to combine extensive intelligence with automation eases the load on practitioners and allows them more productive time. This combined with the ability to hyper-personalized interactions allows comprehensive coverage of day-day CS operations, driving adoption and customer experience using only one solution.


🎉 Community Wins

🎉 LeeRon Yahalomi promoted to VP of Sales and Customer Success at #Textio.

🎉 MOHAMMED ASIF completed level 3 of CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Jason Hoe started as the new Customer Success Director (APAC) for Revionics & Aptos Retail.

🎉 Kristy Garrison-Rauscher completed level 3 of CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Jennifer Saragosa received the Customer Success Account Manager of the Year award from my Business Wire.

🎉 Justice Tilley completed course “Onboarding and Adoption Best Practices for Customer Success Management".

🎉 Annelisa Moody started a new role at DataPeople as Customer Success Manager.

🎉 Ronald Gracino completed the course “Value Realization Best Practices for Customer Success Management” by PracticalCSM.

🎉 Bryan Morgan Jr. completed the course “Customer Success Management Fundamentals” by PracticalCSM.

🎉 Jimit Mehta completed the course “Customer Success Management Fundamentals” by PracticalCSM.

🎉 sai sree vutukuru finished the course “Customer Success Management Fundamentals” by PracticalCSM

🎉 Qiujie Lu completed Level 3 CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Roy Jonas finished the course “Customer Success Management Fundamentals” by PracticalCSM.

🎉 Simon Kobayashi completed Level 1 CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Nick Setterberg completed Level 2 CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Cris Sample just accepted an offer to join as the Head of Customer Success at ServiceCore.

🎉 Matt Myszkowski congratulated the Cision UK CustomerSuccess team who are now all now fully certified with their SuccessCOACHING CCSM Level 1.

🎉 Klaas Schippers completed Level 3 CCSM with SuccessHACKER.

🎉 Ashvin Vaidyanathan starts a new journey in his career at LinkedIn as the VP of Customer Success