CS for Startups: A Conversation with Author Jennifer Chiang - Part One


Authored by Jan Young Videos Edited by Surabhi Sawhney

I worked with founders and early stage startups in my consulting practice. And as a consultant, I was always on the lookout for books that focused on their unique challenges.


Here’s what I discovered.

So I reached out to Jennifer when I began my series on Inclusive Innovation to have a conversation. Click below to watch as we commiserate on the lack of resources that led Jennifer to write a book, explore Jennifer’s Product & User Complexity Framework, and dive into all the various aspects of building a startup customer success program from scratch. I hope these recorded conversations help you on your journey!


Click below to watch.

Part Two will focus more on how and why Jennifer developed unconscious bias training at her company and the connection between customer and employee-centric approaches at a startup. Stay tuned!

Jennifer Chiang is the author of the Amazon Bestseller, The Startup's Guide to Customer Success, and the Head of Customer Success at Yup Technologies where she was the architect behind their customer success team. She is a leader who is passionate about helping companies - particularly startups - unlock the true potential of customer success through analytics, empowerment, and a truly customer-centric mindset. Learn more at https://www.guidetocustomersuccess.com/ Jan Young is a CS Insider Community Thought Leader and Consultant with The Success League. If you have something to share with our community about customer-centric, employee-centric or DEI practices in Customer Success, DM Jan on LinkedIn. If you’d like to read more from this series, you’ll find it here. Surabhi Sawhney is a 2x entrepreneur and skilled client success leader. She has 10+ years of experience in exceeding client expectations in both direct to consumer and business to business services. Surabhi’s passion and purpose are to be of service to others and maximize their return on investment. She is a lifelong learner and focused on elevating the community through inclusion and service.