Community Spotlight with Erika Villarreal


Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! 🖐 I’m Erika! I found my passion in Customer Success 9 years ago when I joined a small financial institution in Mexico. Co-founded ePesos, a Fintech company that offers payroll advance as a service in a B2B2C business model. Recently joined SmartMoving Software, a specialized CRM for the moving industry. 🚚

I’m a Customer Success enthusiast, wearer of many hats, curious by nature and a process addict.  I’m happiest when I’m able to translate customer data into actionable insights that help improve customer experience and drive success. When I’m not geeking on Customer Success, I like traveling the world and getting to know different cultures (and food). I’ve visited over 20 different countries and counting.

What you are looking forward to most in 2021 with where CS is heading?

I’m looking forward to seeing this profession continue to grow and more companies from all different industries (not only SaaS) start adopting a customer-centric culture. 2020 showed us how critical our customers are to get through the uncertainty of external threats like COVID.

What's your spirit animal?

The tiger. The tiger holds great passion and energy. They choose wisely their battles. They do not waste their efforts on something that will not give them something positive in return. As a tiger, I’m competitive, self-confident and brave. Time is short, spend your energy on things that make you happy and fulfilled!

What one piece of advice you would give to someone just getting started in CS as a career.

Plan ahead. Customer Success requires you to be very organized and plan your week carefully to make sure you cover all of your responsibilities. Customers like hearing back from you quickly. Look for project management tools that will allow you to follow-up timely, take advantage of your CRM and enjoy the ride!

Where people can find you?

I’m working on my blog, its not ready yet.